help me

i dont know  whever i should put this in this foru but u can move it 

on my xbox me and my mate both got call of duty world at war and call of duty 4 i had 1 game of call of duty 4 and i got in invited into a game by [MOD EDIT]  i went into the game chose my class and the i jumped and i jumped like 100 feet in the air and then i got 1 kill and it said you have been promoted to commando level 55 and i tryed to leav but i couldnt pause the game but when the game ended evryone in the game was 10th lavel 55 so i went in to another game and i got killed once and now my score is -2018 ? and on call of duty world at war i was playing zombies nnd someone was makeing evry thing multi colers but when i kill a zombie it said you have reached 10th prestige but i know you can get banned for hacking and i dont want to get the blame and i dont want to get banned 


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oh i dit know i wernt supose to say his gamertag

Use the dashboard reporting tools to report the user.  Go to his bio and select File Complaint then follow the instructions.

ok yh i file complainted him for cheating but i dont want to get banned