help me please....advice needed

I have bought my son a new xbox 360 econsole hes been using my profile previously and has purchased map packs etc how do i transfer these to his brand new profile.


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In short, you don't.


DLC is always tied to the account which bought it, in this case your own. You can't transfer the content to your son's profile.


However if the content was first downloaded on his console then he'll still be able to access it.

Not sure why he started a new profile.If he had only changed  gamertags the content would still be his.

I downloaded maps to my Xbox then downloaded them to my son's using my account. Then did a license transfer on his Xbox. Good gaming

Ok  but no one else can use those maps on your console except you since you no longer have the license.In OPs case this wont work because the original profile that purchased this is no longer in use.