Hi i am so close to completing forza 3 but av run out of credits and was wondering if anyone could help me out and buy one my cars for alot of credits so i can make the car to use. thanks


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I was actually going to PM you and see if you wanted me to send you one of my cars for the achievement of a car from every manufacturer or w.e but your recent game history is hidden and I wouldn't want to just give credits away.

hi mate.. tht wud be great if you could do that?? i jus want to complete it b4 fm4 is out

Have plenty of money and cars for Forza 3....just don't have the game to give them away anymore...

I think it would be better if you don't hide your achievements and then people can actually see if you need that achievement or you are just wanting to scam credits. And what achievement do you need for somebody to buy a car from you for a lot of credits?

I am always wary of people who hide their achievements, makes me think they have something to hide

i didnt even know they are hidden, if u tell me how to un-hide them then i will

You can unhide them through the Account Settings option on your Xbox 360 console's dashboard as far as I am aware. You don't really need to modify cars to compete in races, as the AI use stock cars. Half the time, you'll get a suitable car by levelling up. It's only some of the more obscure races in the Event List you'll need to buy anything for, and even then, you'll earn enough by playing the other races. There is no achievement for selling a car for a lot of money. If you want totdo it for the minimum possible loss, take a VW Rabbit  (5,000 CR), and sell it on the Auction House for two hours at 1,000 CR. Someone might buy it. Maybe.

I bet he hasn`t even played through year one yet thats why he has hidden his games.

he wants the top cars without the effort of playing the game.

its ok now ive done aload of races and am ok.. and lol theowenkiller shut up mate.. come on it and ill pinkslip all your cars n show u

so you were so close to finishing yet you have done "a load of races" to earn the money?

if you were almost done where did you find loads of races to do?

surely you have finished it now and have no need for credits.

i re reaced some races to get the credits.. i av no need for them now and like i said if u fancy adding me for a race then feel free m8