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O.K., I understand this is a    "Call Of Duty : Black Ops"    forums search, but i would like to know... Dear C.O.D. fans, so, its my birthday  tomorrow (25/10), a big QUESTION.         " What should I get for my birthday, Call Of Duty : Black Ops or Pre-Order MW3?"      My friends say, get MW3 because its new, but then again... Black Ops is the award winning game!!! So, don't just stand  there. HELP US HERE!!!!!!!!............


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First your going to get any game for your bday - get a new game.

Secondly you like MW2 you prob going to like MW3.

Based on personal opinion, I'd go for Modern Warfare 3. But if you're planning on getting Black Ops for your birthday, keep in mind that a lot of people will be playing MW3 because it's new. Unless you have some friends that aren't planning on getting MW3 and keep playing Black Ops, you should probably get Modern Warfare 3.

Black Ops is old news now. If you didn't have it when it was new alot of people will just walk all over you in multiplayer. I would recommend getting MW3, you only have to wait a few more days and the playing field will be level since everyone is new to it

I would say get Modern Warfare 3. Should be a great game!

Or he could try something new and get Battlefield 3. After 10 hours of playing, I am ready to throw my Target MW3 preorder card in the trash.,

Definitely get Modern Warfare 3. Looks like they're improving Call of Duty more than ever before. Plus like almost all said above, Black Ops is outdated now; as is every CoD game is when the new one comes out. Only four days now, so not much longer!

(P.S. Happy late birthday by the way!)