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Hi, A couple of months ago I visited my brother in law and downloaded some demos. I'm having a lot of troupble identifying one of them (already tried looking at all demos, ask him again etc.). So, I'll try to describe it below and hope someone has a good hint. Game starts in an empty 3d arena with a cute girly-like character. After a cople of seconds, other characters with various weapons start running towards it with obvious intentions. There's a lot of gore, screaming and dismemberment going on and weapons from fallen enemies can be picked up and used (axes, swords, chainsaws etc.). The game is made with cartoon animation in mind, similar to happy tree friends. There's also a timer in the demo and when it reaches zero the round is over. Thanks for the help, Andrei.

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Fairytale Fights? Something like that, I think.


Thanks a million GA. That's the right one. However, can't seem to find the demo or the game on Marketplace...

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@Xeonassius: There is no demo on the marketplace. Take visit to Gamestop and I'm sure they will have a used copy.


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You're mighty welcome! You should be able to get it at Gamestop for real low cheap.