Help! I forgot the email to one of my XBL accounts!

So here's the problem. I have two gamertags which are both set up to run on XBL. We have NUKKA C0LA (The one I'm using now), and Paul Runz MLGz (The one I'm trying to get on to). Here's the problem. I haven't been on Paul Runz MLGz for a while now, so it's prompting me to type in my email & password for the account when I sign in. Simple enough, right? No. I forgot my email address that I use to sign in with. I've already contacted xbox support through phone twice, and they were absolutely no help to me, because I forgot the digits to a pre paid debit card/gift card that was on my account over two years ago. Because of this, they were not able to go through the proper security procedure to let them into my account info & tell me my email. Seriously. All I want is my freakin email address that I used. I've literally tried every email that I've been using for the past five years, and none of them worked. This is ridiculous that I pay $60 a year for this subscription, and Xbox can't even tell me what my email is, because I don't remember the digits to a debit/gift card that was used TWO YEARS AGO, and was thrown out after. Sorry for my raging guys, but this is beyond me. If anyone knows how to find an email without actually logging in to the account, that would be fantastic.  


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This happened to me before i couldn't get back on my account so i just made a new one. I don't think there's anything you can really do other than trying to remember it.

The only people who can help you with this are support.


Even if you don't have the card numbers, and explain to them why, they should be able to help you providing you have all the other details connected to the account (such as name, address etc).

I suggest trying to check the support page again, or if you had a phone number linked to the account that can help as well, also you may want to locate a Admin for help.

Locating an "admin" is an utter waste of time, as an Ambassador you should know this. The only people who can help the OP are phone support and they need information relating to the account.