Help!! I am losing the love.... :(

Hey All

I am thinking about selling my X1 and buying a PS4, its no small decision, I have been a rock solid Xbox fan since when it first hit the market, even after I had 3 Xbox 360's blow up on me I remained staunch and knew I would be getting an X1.

A few things I just cant understand;

  • How did MS let Sony build a more powerful system, before launch everyone was saying the difference was minimal, but post launch the difference is significant. Granted I have watched several comparison videos and X1 has better colour, but you just cant argue with the numbers...
  • Why is PSN better than Xbox Live? My nephew won a PS4 and the free games he is getting on PS+ are awesome, I am feeling neglected on Xbox Live on my X1, truth be told I dont use it for much else than gaming and maybe some you tube. MS hook us up!!!

Now I have always said PSN is unstable, crappy, horrid servers, but all of my mates say otherwise and although they have all told me how wicked cross game chat is like its something new, they all tell me their connection to servers are fine.

I really don't want to jump ship, I need something though, to everyone who got an X1 what do I have to look forward to, besides a console that is second best at its primary role and Xbox Live not having a whole lot to offer?


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Who is going to bite first?

If you want to sell your Xbox One do it, your money, your decision.  If you need people to give you a reason not too then it sounds like you've already made up your mind.

Very well put Shaggy!

Shall we say no more?

@Foo, Guess they were not hungry

Thousands are leaving Xbox to go to PlayStation

There are many reasons why

At the end of the day no-one should be loyal to a brand.

As a gamer, just game in the best place to game

Wiiu offers something different of the 3 nextgen, and always gets very highly rated games.

PS4 & xbone very similar, many similar games. So its one or the other.

PS4 is:


•more powerful

•more games

•better exclusives

•better controller

•PS+ free games

•free-to-play titles too

•PSN works perfectly

•consumes less power than xbone = cheaper to run

•much quicker boot up times

•much quicker game install times

•multiplatform games have better resolution and frame rate than xbone

But xbone has:

•kinect sports rivals

So its up to you. The World seems to be buying PS4 over xbone in staggering numbers, except in the USA, where PS4 is only doing a lot better than xbone, rather than massively. In Europe, for example, PS4 has been selling at 6 times the rate of xbone. Probably due to patriotism.

This is the funniest thread I've read all year.

Still nothing to play on the PS 4?


Haha i love how you add only Kinect sports Rivals.

@OP, make sure to hear that guy out. His argument is so strong.

Come on now mr flashed sauce this is an xbox forum for xbox people it's not a place for a few correct facts and mostly opinions on the 'competition'

Ok sorry. Xbone is the greatest! Don't mention the competition! I mentioned it once, but I think I got away with it!

@jamie  " it's not a place for a few correct facts and mostly opinions on the 'competition'"

The controller & exclusives points could be opinion

The rest are facts

Install times takes me around 15 now i can get a quick cup of tea :)

powerful you really need to look this up quicker yes

Games both have very good games but at the min xbox has the better one's

Also today there is  a big announcement on dx12 which could change the xbox :)

Xbox live everyone know's how well this service runs :)

At the min ps4 games are 1080p which is great

Xbox does run some games at this aswell and will do in the future

Ps4 killzone was 1080i customers where tricked into believing it was 1080p

Its up to the OP what he wants to do if you want to sell your Xbox feel free

But since the Xbox price drop more and more are joining the Amazing service the xbox has to offer :)

Some people have issues and some people dont.

Updates are coming every month aswell

* Please try a lower page number.

* Please enter only numbers.

* Please try a lower page number.

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