help help help!!!Screen saturated green, flashing blue

I have not had many problems with my Xbox 360 (other than the occasional freeze) . I was playing TITANFALL when all of a sudden my screen started to flash blue then become ultra-saturated with a green/yellow tint. This color was present on everything on the Xbox (dashboard, DVD, etc.), not just the game. I thought it was my TV, but I switched video inputs to see a TV show, but that was completely fine. I simply reset the game system and everything was fine. After another 10 minutes or so, the same thing happens again with the blue flashes and the ultra-green saturation. The blue flashes keep happening continuously after the saturation happens as well.

This has been plaguing my system at 08-04-2014 and some days it won't even happen surprisingly. My thought could be that my component cables are broke as I have one of the original Xbox 360's  with HD component outs to my 1080p TV

I am also worried it might be overheating, or could be my video card messing up, and/or could be a precursor to the RROD red ring of death? Any ideas anyone? I am out of my one year warranty, unfortunately. Ugh. Thanks for any help!!!!


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