Help finding XBox 360 Slim

Hey there, 

Can anybody help me. I currently have an ancient XBox 360 and I'm looking to buy a newer one (Since the old ones are struggling to play new games, nice one Microsoft) but I hate the 'new' shape, it's horrible and looks like an old VHS player, my uncle has one and it sits under the TV like a brick, it seems cheaply made too, the tray is so flimsy. I'm not sure what they were thinking designing that.

Anyway I really like the slim but I notice they're all getting pushed out for this newer hideous one and they're more rare. Does anyone have any good site that sell them nice and cheap? They were cheap just before Christmas and now they've shot back up to £200+, I'm not interested in it coming with a daft Kinect or any games. I seen some people refer to but a few months after the posts they've magically disappeared, the only slim they had was a useless 4GB version.

Thanks for your help.


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Amazon.  Most online stores.

I believe you can upgrade the 4 gig to 250. Dont buy used it may be banned

There`s plenty of new ones on EBAY for less than £200.

Argos has them for just under £200 with extras,that you could always sell on to get some of the money back.

As grady says,avoid used consoles on auction sites.

It is OK to buy used as long as you make the proper checks. You can get a good used guaranteed S console from shops like Cash Generator & Cash Converters.

You can get a 250 Gb Slim from Cash Converters for just under £100.


If you can get a new 4 Gb Slim, just buy a 250 Gb HDD for it, they simply slot in !

The problem with cash converters and similar stores is that they tend not to test if the console is banned prior to sale.

They only test the console to see if it works ,not its online function.

They will however refund you if you are not satisfied.

i have a 250 gig'll be very happy with it.  I haven't had any issues with it.