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Hello, I recently just got a third Xbox for my youngest brother. We are having and issue connecting all three of the Xboxs to Xbox Live at once.  One of them is wireless, two of them are hardwired.  I can have two on, turn one off then the other xbox will connect, so I've found only two can be online at once it doesn't seem to matter whether they be both wired or one of the wireless ones.  I was just curious if it at all possible to Connect three Xboxs online at a time (Rarely are we all on the same game for that matter aswell) Is it my router (Linksys, WRT160N V2) perhaps there is one someone can suggest? (Note, I can hook up 1/2/3 PCs + 1/2 xboxs and everything works fine, I can turn off all PCs but as soon as I try and connect the third Xbox it does not work)


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hey mate i googled this to help find a solution and i think this might actually be your answer

Note this is not my answer this is one i copied and pasted but to me it sounds like the best answer you will get

The issue here is really quite simple... by now you probably know a little bit about ports/port-fowarding blah blah blah...

1.) Your Xbox is just like a PC, in that it needs to use "ports" to communicate with the outside world (internet), but you can't have more than one device on your network using the same ports at the same time.

2.) PCs in this situation can be told to use a different but similar port, if the preferred port is in use by another PC. The Xbox actually can do the same thing, and does it automatically with the proper UPnP protocol.

3.) Your problem is, the router sometimes forgets which xbox is using "non standard" ports, and mixes things up, causing at least one xbox to drop connection to the LIVE servers.

So how do you fix this? Simple... give up and sell your extra consoles.

Sorry I couldn't resist, you need a router that supports two things... proper UPnP, and something called "Static DHCP" or "DHCP reservation". DO NOT CONFUSE STATIC DHCP WITH STATIC IP ADDRESSES! THEY AREN'T THE SAME THING!

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