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I am posting this question not for me, but for a friend of mine.  I will summarize his situation as follows:  when he created his Xbox Live account, he used his girlfriend's email (of course he shouldn't have) and eventually their relationship ended badly, so he tells me.  After this, he never changed the email or password on his account since his Xbox One already signed into it automatically (another mistake I know).  About two weeks ago, when he tried logging into his account on the same Xbox, his password did not work.  Of course he doesn't know if she is the reason for this, but we can pretty much assume so.  So now, he does not know the password for his live account, and he can't use the "forgot password" feature to retrieve it due to the fact that he can't access this email account and there is no chance he can ask his ex-girlfriend for that information.  So, he went to the xbox live support page and there was a way to "request" access to the account without the email or password.  I don't know which page he was on, but what he told me was he was able to input other known information (such as previous passwords, credit card information, ect) about his account to "request" access.  It then said that he had to wait for a confirmation email from Microsoft support approving or denying his claim.  He did this about two weeks ago and he has received NO email yet.  He repeated this process a second time about a week ago.  He has called Xbox Live support every day since the problem started and they tell him the same thing every time: he has to wait until a confirmation email or decline email has been sent to him.  It is unfortunate for me to say, but I am not surprised that this process is difficult considering it may sound fishy for someone to access their account without the email or password.  I am also not surprised Microsoft is taking longer than they should to respond to his request; even if his request has been denied, at least tell him so.  I realize he made very negligent mistakes when it comes to this situation, but he has spent nearly $1,000 on this account (so he tells me) in games and other things and I would hate to see him loose it all.  Of course if Microsoft is not helpful, he will NOT be be getting another Xbox Live account.  Though it is a long shot, is there anything else my friend can try?  Also, if anyone else has sent similar requests to Microsoft, how long did it take you, if at all, to receive a response email from them? 


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His account is lost. The email belongs to his ex girlfriend. The only way to get it back is talking to this ex and changing the email tied to his account to his own. This can be done on a Xbox 360. If she isn't willing to do that he will have to cut his losses and start again.

The only things I can imagine you could do, is either contact the ex girlfriend or wait for a response. MS has lousy support, so your options are unfortunately limited. I'm really sorry, hopefully things work out.