Tried to post in the welcome section but everything is locked. Anyway wanted to say hey. Been on live for about 8 years and love it. Have aquestion and not sure where to ask.it seems my mic does not work(xbox one). i have started parties and joined them and nobody can hear me. Is there a setting to set chat through a mic or is mine just not working? Thanks in advance.




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One more question after surfing the forums for a while, can you not reply to a specific post? I may be a noob, but all i can see is a general reply box.

It used to be possible, but when they renewed the forums that ability was lost. Quite inconvenient when you want to quote certain users.

As for the other question, I'm not sure. I don't have an Xbox One myself.

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It seems that you have gotten a little lost, and have posted in the wrong forums. For your Original question regarding the Xbox One, would best be asked in the Xbox One Support Forums. This is where the Community and the Xbox Forum Support Team will be willing to assist you further with your troubles with your headset. To the Xbox One support forums, please follow the link below.


I hope your issue gets resolved


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Thanks for jumping on this guys! :)

The welcome section is just there as reference and material for users to get acquainted with, when coming to the forums for the first time. It's full of useful information but if you ever have any other questions or concerns along the way, feel free to send me a PM over.

As for the topic at hand, the above posters have given you the correct answers :)

Welcome to the forums! The chat issue is a bit buggy, that happens to me sometimes. I'd recommend a hard reset by holding the power button until the system turns off, then give it like 30 seconds and then press the button again. See if you can now enter parties with a working mic.