Hello Mr XB1

The package has arrived, it felt fairly hefty.

I did choose to not compare between the old original 360 and the XB1 for fear of dropping it.

Hooked up the cables which took the longest due to my type of tv stand/cabinet

Update going strong. Gone from 1% to 50% in 2 minutes. Well happy so far, and the controller is very light compared to the 360 one. Not too much different in terms of dimensions though. The main difference in size is due to where the battery compartment is now.

Bring on the games!!


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Be prepared Phantom, after the update you may get a green Xbox One screen for a couple minutes. DO NOT restart. It needs a little patience :-)

Thanks Fatal,yeah I read everything in the support forum earlier today.

I'm guessing you mean the Green screen with the XBOX One logo.

I did warn all my fellow gaming friends on Facebook too.

I'm hoping I'm not all out of patience by the time UPS finally gets here.  Enjoy, guys!!!! :)

I'm telling you though,that green screen for me took 2 minutes so in the time I posted above and now it's gone on to Kinect setup

That use a code thing is genius. I used it to get my Day One achievement, then I used it to get my digital FIFA 14. Way freaking cool.

what annoys me fatal is my mate came round and i said hey watch this XBOX ON nothing happened XBOX ON again nothing so once more XBOX ON!!!!!! NOTHING YET WHEN HE GOES I SAY IT AND IT WORKS AND THEQR CODE PART IS SWEET we all need to do some bf4

Haha that's what I did too,no problems using the voice commands yet

All in good time Ghost. my copy hasn't even arrived yet lol

Glad to hear yours is all up and running :)

Looking forward to getting mine at lunch time.

I don't see a digital store yet on here.when I go to store all I get is Skype???