Heavy price drops on the Marketplace?

I wasn't sure where to post this, because there are so many different categories, so I'll just post it here.

I just noticed some heavy price drops on the Xbox Live Marketplace. Games like Far Cry 3, Blood Dragon, Asura's Wrath and XCOM have dropped heavily in price. Like, a lot. Very recent too, because yesterday, some of these were about £/$10-20 more. My question is, are these price drops here to stay or are they part of some special sale or something like that?


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They are most likely the deal of the week and will end next tuesday.

Indeed, Most prices are higher than retail...  Except for the Sales and Specials.    Along with others, Far Cry and,  2K Games are up to 75% off this week.   GOOD LUCK!!!

There's a Far Cry Sale this week with 75% off and I wanted to buy Far Cry 4 ... but with 75% off it's still over 30€ ... ???

When they knock money off they take that percentage of the original recommended retail price.

That way it looks like you are saving more than you actually are.

Wow. Are we advertising games now in the forum? The longer the game has been out, the less it's costs. This is NOT thread worthy. Go to your local store, ask what's on sale, or sold used, and do your thing.

What are you talking about Russtafarian?   My lord, this is an old fossil thread that someone is asking about deals with gold and special sales.  The deals and sales are usually really good.  Take your agenda elsewhere buddy

I'm not your buddy. I'm someone who has paid for a service for 12 years and want others to know what to expect. YOU obviously have an agenda, and your little buddy Owen and Badger. Why don't you have one of your MOD buddies ban me? Ambassador? Please. Just another kid logged in at work feeling like their opinion matters.

This forum has really gone downhill the last couple of days.