Heard something pretty effing cool today....

So I heard that in Deadrising 3...if you talk with your Kinect on while playing DR3....say you're playing and you ask a friend to get a drink...the zombies "hear" you.

That...is pretty friggin awesome, lol.

I can see where it could get bad....like if your girlfriend calls for you or something or just anything in life....but the idea is great.


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eh DR3's way of saying there MS we used your stupid kinect...lol its cool for like 5 minutes and then you realize you'd rather the zombies not hear everytime you sit a soda down or your dog barks.  Oh and the button press vs jerking your hands around is alot better for getting the zombies off you if you actually work during the day and love resting at night...Kinect is for the FEW and the PROUD lol that is all.

I dunno, I think that could be kinda cool gameplay, where you have to be quiet IRL too. Of course, i also think it should be something you can turn off (you can't always control your surroundings).

I seriously dont know why @below bothers with games that are firstly ENTERTAINMENT. Anything that changes games or moves them forward is a good thing. What a Debbie Downer

Is it an option you can turn off? If you live in a busy household I could imagine the feature becoming irritating very quickly.

Edit: Judging by the post below. You can =)

It got old real quick. I turned it off after a while.

^Agreed this was the most annoying feature ever and way too sensitive for my gaming space.

My game would constantly un-pause due to the smallest noise and I would be in the other room and die because I didn't realise it had done it, though I did scream out XBOX PAUSE and it did so that impressed me.

My Kinect ended up breaking and I've enjoyed games more without it constantly telling me to try and say stuff so I haven't bothered to get it replaced. What is pretty cool though is you say 'Mechanic Clothes' and it will change back to the default outfit of the character.

You could taunt zombies....  meh....

I would turn that off after about 30 seconds.  Whatever happened to that idea of hiding behind chairs and the couch to avoid being shot?  lol that idea was hysterical.   I'm one that likes to relax when I'm home.

That's not really how it works, it will only register "over here" to attract zombies, for the boss fights it would be something like "you're crazy" and cause them to stagger.

I enjoy it, but yes, in the pause menu just about any sound would cause the game to un-pause.

Sucks if you have tourettes.

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