Understandably turtle beach are the go to headsets but what would you guys suggest having a look at if one can't afford turtle beach prices.

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I like Trittons 720+ over the TB Headset Series.....will see how the new TB headsets are for X1

Platronic's Gamecom Headset's are good too. I have the X95's and they are working for me with the two year in-store repleacement too. Though Turtle beach's you have to wait up to 6 months to get you're headset back from them

People typically go with turtle beach, because they specifically make them for 360's, and PS3s.

The Turtle Beach XLa is the $30 cheaper version ->


You can also find $30-40 refurbished X11's, and X12's on occasion.

I would be cautious on spending more than you can afford on headset though, as typically gaming headsets do not last over 6 months, and it can be difficult to get them replaced. I went through ~6 turtle beach headsets (most being free replacements).  Eventually I got fed up with cheap microsoft mics and turtle beach, and currently have a gamescon 780, and simply chat with friends via skype.

Do yourself a favor and stay away from all these "Gaming" headsets. Whether its Turtle Beach or Tritton, its all garbage. Get yourself a good pair of stereo headphones, Zalman mic and a USB adaptor from mono price. If you can afford it, get the Astro 7.1 Mixamp. Just stay away from the headphones. A good pair of Sennheisers would be your best choice such as the HD 598's but if on a budget, go for something like the Samson SR850's which are down to $50 on Amazon. And while you don't exactly need it if on a budget, definitely consider picking up that Astro Mixamp at a later date. Those Samson Headphones with Zalman Mic and adaptor would run you about $70. Those headphones and Mic with the Mixamp would run you $190. Either way, your audio is going to sound better than even a $300 pair of Trittons or Turtle Beaches.

I've bought 2 years ago the Turtle Beach xp 300, tha quality of sound is good but are:  too heavy, too hot in summer, often do not connect to the transmitter/receiver and ater 1 year the batteries are not full charged..

my playmates, advised me to go to Tritton.. :(

I have the X12 TB and cant say a bad thing about them, the sound is quality more than enough bass and volume and clear chat , also noticed you are in the UK so you may want to have a look at this if you do want to go with the TBs www.argos.co.uk/.../TURTLE+BEACH+X12.htm

When I was in store and got mine when I put the code in the price was £10 cheaper than stated ?! but dont know if that will still be the same ?

will all that work for the xbox1

I personally think that you don't need to spend that much on a headset, it will not turn you into an MLG superstar!!!  I currently have the Tritton 720 and they are really good. It all depends on your budget and what you want if you are on a budget go for Tritton or Turtle Beach you will love them.

I have had a madkatz headset for 3 years and it works perfectly so far

I have a pair of wireless Gamecom X95's, I have had them since November last year and they are still working great. I had a pair of Turtlebeach wired PX21's beforehand and they didn't even last two months, just cheap and nasty. I don't dare touch anything made by madcatz, just as cheap and nasty as turtlebeach.