hi abit of hep would be great im buying a new headset after alot of research around in my price range ive settled on two headsets

the turtle beach earforce x11


the tritton ax 180


is anyone has experience with either of these headsets some feedback would be a massive help


sound quality?

overall sound volume?


ease of use?

tidyness of cables?

do the headsets perform well listening to music and watching movies over the 360?




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I got the x 11st and they are a great all round headset

I've got the x11 its great for the price plus you can use it on the PC as well.

I actually own both of these headsets and they are both very similar for sound etc.  Very good headsets, but ive upgraded to the x41's turtle beach since shopto are selling these for £86 - bargain ;)

I have the Turtle Beach and recommend them highly, the sound quality is good, sound volume is awesome, especially the bass, they are very durable, it's going on a few years I have had them, they're easy to use and the Turtle Beach site has good support, there's also these forums for support, the cables are the drawback but it's only the one to the headset once installed, they perform well with film and music, especially heavy metal lol.

Don't get the trittons i had 2 pairs in 2 weeks(the first lasted a week and a half before the mic broke and the replacements lasted 3 days before the mic went again) so they went back and i paid the extra towards the turtle beach px21's and have not had a problem since

Trittons mic is rubbish, we had a pair, like Mr Funknuts, which gave up very quickly. The sound is good on them, very good but they just dont last.

ill go with 'loopymoo' advice and try and get the X41's and for £86 they will be the best you can get for the price (cost me £150 and i would buy them again for that price).

i wont be getting the x41's simple because im buying my first headset and i dont wanna get a surround sound wireless beast who knows i might not like having all the game sounds right on top of my ears.... but anyways think ive deffinatly ruled out the trittons

so what is the px21 like compared to the x11?

the x11's must have better sound on the xbox because there made for the xbox where as the px21 is universal

so the x11's must have the better sound qaulity right?

I picked up some X11s recently and they're pretty good.

[quote user="k0zmiiksh0tz"]

tidyness of cables?


Well, apart from that...

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