Headset without mic

Hopefully someone here has some good recommendations on a question I have...

The background of this is I have a newborn baby and very young kids, so when I game, I need a headset so not to annoy anyone else in the room. It also pretty much means I can't use a mic either. I also want a headset so i can be more immersed in the game anyway, as well as having the benefits of hearing footsteps in COD etc.

So I am currently looking at more traditional 'non' gaming headsets as I was told I would get better quality sound anyway. Is there anyone else that uses this kind of setup with any recommendations? Price not an issue - within reason!

Oh and I should also tell you I've got an xbox one...


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I use a wireless Turtle Beach headset and plug it into the optical port in the back and it works just fine.


You could do this on the 360 by having chat play though the speakers. I have a pair of wireless  headphones that have no Mic and are just plugged into the TV itself and not the Xbox.

Thanks guys. I have no need for a mic, so I believe Turtle Beach headsets aren't worth my cash? I was told that if I was going to spend £100 then I may as well spend it on a decent set of non gaming headsets, as the sound quality would be better, but I was hoping there was someone here in the same boat.

So any headset recommendations?

I agree you'll get better quality audio via a non-gaming headset but you'll miss out on the surround sound.  Personally I would suggest you get a surround sound capable headset as that is, IMO, more important.

Having said that - to get the surround sound you'll need to connect the headset to the optical out on the X1 - but for the time being surround doesn't work via optical (it's an issue MS have said they will resolve asap).

Also I suggest you do indeed get a headset with a mic, as that is the easiest way to control whether you're muted or not....whereas you'll often, otherwise, end up broadcasting voice via the Kinect's mic without realising (which will also drive other players crazy!).  But if you do decide to get ones with a mic then you'll need to wait as I don't think there are any X1 compatible headsets out yet.

I've got Astro gaming headphones - love them.

But if you decide to get stereo headphones then I have Bose QuietComfort 15 - which have great noise-cancelling - great to cut out the wife ;)  BUT I think their sound is lacking the bass that you'd want for gaming, hence would suggest you get Beats instead.

I dont know where you got that advice from Turtle beach headsets are excellent, and totally worth the money, i invested in a set of XP500, that cost £200, extreme you may think !!! not when you get in game. and can hear footsteps and their direction, or hear the hiss of a tracer bullet, its obviously all about what you want/can afford but you could honestly do alot worse than a set of Turtle Beach my friend

...thats what I want clear sound fidelity especially for a game like cod. I just didn't want to fork out for a mic if I didn't need one. Surely I could get an absolutely blinding set of non gaming/mic headphones for £200 though?

Anyway thanks for your suggestions - much appreciated!

Turtlebeach headsets for Xbox One will be out early next year.