Headset Surround Sound Angles

I just picked up a Turtle Beach headset with surround sound.   So, I've been playing around with the angles and I was curious what angles those with similar headsets use?

I started with 135 degrees in the back and 45 degrees in the front, but as I play around with it sometimes other angles seem better.   But, it's hard to play with the settings and play a game enough to get the full sound experience so I figured what better place to ask what others use? 


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Typically I use the same as you have, the 135 rear, and 45 front. Some games have been set up differently though. I just started playing Warhammer 40000: Space Marine, and with the 135r/45f sounds seemed reversed (sounds from behind me sounded like they were right in front of me).


I think that's why they included so many angles (my set has 6). Not as much preference as games that may have their sound set up differently. So just pay around with the angles!


For my own curiosity, which set did you end up with?

I got the Turtle Beach DXL1s.   If you know a lot about headsets I'd like to know your opinion of them.

As for the sound right now, I'm sticking with the 135/45, but I've only played a little bit of Undead Nightmare.   I'm almost done with that, then I'm gonna sample some games and play with the settings more.

From what I've read weeding through a Google search, some people have said the best angle sometimes depends on the game.   This kinda makes sense as sound would be different in say a FPS were you are the character as opposed to a 3rd person game  where the character is in front of you.

Call me crazy, but I think the default angle (120f/60r) makes most F.P.S.s sound muffled. Just finding the right one for you is all we can do. Best way to find what will work for you in what game is playing a private match. The way I did it sounds stupid, but it works for me. I would boot up a map and either find something that constantly was making noise (waterfall or fire works), and twirl your guy around it, see what works best. If you really want to test it out, close your eyes and spin your guy around with the volume off, turn the volume back up with eyes closed still see how close to center screen you can bring it with sound alone.


Hope this helps!

Good info to know, thanks.  What do you play FPSs on?  Or do you use 135/40 for everything?

A FPS if the first thing I'm gonna try it on once I finish Undead Nightmare.  Both a 'true' FPS like COD and then something like Fallout where you can play as both.   Sure, I could do it now but I'm so close I just gotta finish it lol.

BTW, what do you set you equalizer to?   I have a Bass and Treble Boost option as well as an 'Aggressive' Bass and Treble Boost.   It defininatly sounds better with the boost, but I can't tell if the 'Aggressive' is better or just sounds louder....

I generally leave it on 135/40 unless it just sounds off to me. I've tried changing angles and it just never feels quite right. A few game are exceptions, but I like to leave it be if i can (one less thing to fiddle with).


As far a equalizers, I tend to leave it set to default. I spent quite a few hours with my X11s where equalizers weren't selectable. Anything other than that just sounds off. I personally like to turn bass way up if I know I will be playing a game like Gears, or C.O.D. for any lengths of time.