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Hey All!

So I'm looking for a great headset for my PC that is wireless and is just overall great.  I am going to be getting an Xbox soon, so obviously I want it to be compatible with the pc, xbox and my mac.  I've been looking alot at the TB XP 400 and 500.  I did see that TB was coming out with even better headsets, but I don't necessarily need top of the line headset either.  

What would you all suggest?

I have physically tried the TB's and LOVE the comfort of the TBs, pretty much all of them, but I do know the xp400 and 500 rock.

Anywhoo.  Help me out.  I have a $100 WM card so I can put it towards the headset.  Of course Amazon has all the headsets for cheaper but I have the 100 wm card.


Happy Gaming.



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Actually, the Astro A50's blow away anything turtle beach does when it comes to sound quality, comfort and build quality. You should go with those instead. In my past experiences with turtle beach, they are very delicate. The Astro A40's are even better and 50.00 cheaper. The only con is, they are wired.

Also note that unlike the Astros, all the turtle beach handsets you mentioned are designed primarily for the 360 and PS3. You would need to buy extra stuff such as a Bluetooth transmitter to get them to work on the PC.

Here's the full review. www.techradar.com/.../1

Hey Mate.  Appreciate the info.  Too bad Walmart doesnt carry them.  I wish that at Best Buy they had a set up where I could try them out.  I'm very picky about what goes over my ears, and I know that I loved the way the TB's fit.  But yes that's not the only thing to consider, although a very huge part.  I do like that the A50's use optical inputs as well, which both my pc and xbox have.  too bad for the chapbook LOL.

Thanks again for the info.

If  for some reason you didn't like them, you could always exchange them for the Turtle Beach. Here is a comparison of the a40's which is the wired version of the A50's vs the XP500. They touch base with comfort as well.


But if you really do have to insist on Turtle Beach, you might want to look into the Tangos as well which are a step up from the XP500. The Tango is a MUCH nicer headset than the XP400/500, It sounds better, offers a rechargeable battery, interference-free Dual Band WiFi, has more powerful presets, memory foam and leatherette ear cushions.