Headset issues

ok, so the last few days have been exceptionally annoying.

two days ago, I played my xbox most of the evening with no issues with chat. everything worked fine.

Yesterday, I try to start up a party and my headset (standard xbox one mic that comes with the xbox) no longer picks up my voice. I try new batteries, updating controller, hard-reseting the xbox, leaving it unplugged for awhile, two different controllers (updated as well), all to no avail.

in desperation, I go to walmart in an attempt to buy a replacement headset. they don't have any, but they do have the headset adapter puck. I grab one of those in hopes of reviving my old turtle beach X42's.

get home, plug everything in, and the X42's don't work. go through the basic troubleshooting BS again (power cycles, updating controller, try multiple controllers), except now I can't hear anyone else talk, but they could hear me just fine.

So I grab my new PC headset, some Steel Series Siberia Elites, and plug those into the headset adapter.

I can hear game audio just fine, and the mic works, BUT IS NOT VERY SENSITIVE. basically nobody in chat can hear me unless I yell. It isn't an issue with the headset as I use it regularly on my PC for chat and it is actually almost too sensitive on the computer.

Is there any way at all to boost the Mic sensitivity on the xbox one? I'm desperate for a headset at this point and have no other viable options.


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