Headset issues while in party chat

Okay, here is my problem.  A few days ago I noticed that when I joined a party of friends to play Halo: MCC that I could not hear them chatting through my Turtle Beach XO Four headset.  I could see that they were talking due to the symbols next to their names lighting up.  I unplug the headset from the controller, and once the switch is made to Kinect, I could hear them talking via my stereo speakers.  I plug it back in, I could hear them for about a second and then the chat would cut out again.  With the headphones plugged in, I could hear the sounds on the dashboard and in the game just fine, but no chat.  I even think that they may have been able to hear me through the mic on the headset.  I tried several methods to ensure connectivity (wires properly plugged in, controllers up to date, and a few hard resets of the XBOX) and nothing seemed to work.

I honestly figured that it was something with the headset so I tested the headset out on a phone call and both hear and chatting on the phone call worked fine.  So I figured that maybe it was the Turtle Beach headset adapter.

Last night, I took out a separate controller with the chat headset that came with the XBOX One and I made sure that it was updated too.  Same thing, I am pretty sure they could hear me talk through the mic on the headset but I could not hear them. 

I had not changed any settings from when it originally worked, and I am at a loss on what to do from this point.  Please help guide me in the right direction.



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