Headset Help!

Hoping for a bit of help from you audiophiles out there.

First off, I've owned Turtle Beach X42's for the last 11 months. Due to a high pitched screech via voice chat, I've decided to return them as there's only a few days left on the warranty. I loved the headset and I'm really considering a replacement set.

Then I came across the XP400's and the Tritton Warhead 7.1. I'm torn between the 3. The reason I've narrowed it down to these three in particular is because they all operate on 5.8ghz as opposed to 2.4ghz which is a must for me due to baby monitors, mobile phones and wireless routers and laptops.

I'm sketchy with the non-replaceable battery in the XP400's though it would be nice to not have to buy AAA batteries for the X42's anymore. I've no experience with Tritton, a little put off that they're Madcatz but perhaps they've improved since 15 years ago when they were considered a cheap third party brand.

If anyone has any experience with these headsets I'd really appreciate your feedback.

Many thanks! 


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Well lets put it this way, I take extremely good care of my electronics including headsets, I've owned two different pairs of Turtle Beaches don't remember the models but one was the sixty dollar one, and the other was the two hundred dollar wireless one, both of them broke within three months, I bought a Tritton Trigger about five months ago had no problems with them, so in my experience albeit limited experience Tritton is miles better than Turtle Beaches.