Headset help.

Got the headset that came with Xbox was total junk and chat gave up after 3 weeks with crackly wire. Then bought the 60 quid stereo headset was gutted to see it had exactly same cable as free/cheap headset needless to say it broke too after 4 weeks despite being well looked after. My question is can you get wireless 100% on the xb1 yet price don't matter please advise if you know of any fully wireless as anything with a cable including turtle beach seems junk.


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I've got the stereo headset mate and its fine. Had to update the controllers a couple of times to get everything working properly though.

Yeah its fine till the cheap wires go then its done and its the same quality as a 15 quid headset in regards to wires. Why are these forums so bad does anyone know of active Xbox forums worth using.

Always makes me chuckle when someone says they take care of something then have that something repeatedly break, when others with the same item dont seem to have that issue.  Just saying.

I know there are Turtle Beaches that are compatible via the adapter but other than that I don't know much. Not sure if some are wireless ect..

As for the forums. There are worth using, they are just a little quiet. Maybe you might find more traffic over in the general sections (use the drop down along the top) or head to the forum directory.


Sorry to highjack your thread but i am having a problem with chat, i have only just got the adapter and my controller is already updated. So am connecting my PX5's to the controller but i can't hear anyone talking in PvZ? i can see the mic symbol move and the name comes up top left of in game screen but i can't hear anything even took the adapter out and still nothing through headset or tv speakers?

Also why have the game audio coming through the chat cable when i already have it coming through optical? i have turned it down but just seems stupid as it causes an echo effect.

There are no wireless solutions to game chat at this time.   I have owned a few pairs of Turtle Beach wired products and there is nothing wrong with the quality of the wires provided they are looked after, and by that i mean realising that the controller is connected to the headset, if your a fairly animated player and jerk the controller around a lot eventually the wired connection will give up the fight against the strain.

The official £60 headset works well for me. It's not totally wire free, but it only has the small wire between you and the joypad and plays all game and chat audio.

I've not had any problems with quality, in fact it looks better made in the flesh than the pictures online.

(I like the way the mic hides away.)

As a bonus, it also works well with my Windows phone!