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Can't find any updated info anywhere, and it seems MS has been quiet about this issue since they announced one would be made available. Am I missing something? Really hoping to be able to use my TB X42's for chat soon.

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Hmmm. Turtle Beach have just signed a contract with Sony to supply PS4, I wonder if that may have anything to do with it, i feel your pain bro, my XP500 are gthering dust aswell

The adapters are supposed to be released between Feb and Mar when the new TB headsets are released for the Xbox One.  PlayStation has had TB headsets as well for a while now so this is nothing new.

Well they took too long, so I took my X31 chat cable 2.5 jack and put it with the X1 chat wire and controls( I cut the X1 mic headset off) m.flickr.com/.../lightbox

Turtle Beach is supposed to have a special edition Titan Fall headset when the game is released..... and the adapter for everyone who already owns a TB head set is due out in March for the XB1.... Nothing like being late to the party!

Not fussed they missed out on the $30 I would have paid for the adaptor, now I don't need it.

Thanks for the info everyone. It would be nice to chat with my mates in BF4!


Shrewd, any issues with the splice?  Do the controls from the OG headset work for your X31?

I just went to Gamestop today and checked on my preorder on the TB X04.  They told me the headsets should be out 3/1/14.