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Ok I know that they have made it to where they are making an adapter so you can use current gen headsets with the Xbox One.  My question is will this release when the system does or will it release sometime afterward.  I just bought one of the Wireless Afterglow gaming headsets and I really want to be able to continue to use it when the Xbox One releases.  Like I said before I know they are making the adapter I mainly want to know if it will be available before or on the release date for Xbox One.


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i think it should get released before or on launch day, i would be suprised if its not, because they already released most of the accessories.

I say afterwards.

They haven't announced either way, but if they don't announce it soon, I would towards afterwards. However, all is not lost. Many 360 headsets will still work for sound. What the adapter is for is to use it for chat. Until the adapter comes out, you can use the kinect to chat while using the headset to hear.

I say after..Gets the peeps too impatient to wait to spend money on the new stuff and that will get more money into their pockets up front.

When I asked Astro at PAX AU, they indicated post-launch. I wouldn't get my hopes up for anything before Q1 2014.

I hear they are gona be $90... Anyone else heard this?

I say after too, merely because they're gonna want to try and push the new headsets as much as possible for the first few months. I look for the adapter to come out either around Christmas time or slightly after.

So It's a little over a month till launch and there STILL isn't any "Official" word on this adapter. The only mention on the entire freakin internet about an adapter is one IGN article that sites a twitter post of someone who IGN supposedly identifies as a Microsoft "Lead Planner" who says that "Yes. We will have an adapter...".  And this tweet was back in JULY!!!!

SERIOUSLY??? Come on...everything else gets these snazzy produced announcements. Can we not get even an official response on this supposed "headset adpater"? When will it be released? Will I be able to buy it at Gamestop when I pick up my Day One XBOX One preorder or am I going to have to order it and wait for it to show up?