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hiya what is the optimum settings for xbxo 360 im constantly having to change brightness contrast for various games my set is lg 32"

brightness 45

contrast 55

backlight 30

dynamic contrast off

colour temp - medium

gamma - medium

sharpness 70

colour 60

black level - low

i have heard that you need brightness and contrast 50 or below but then the games are to dark even the ones with the own in game brightness adjust.



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levels change for every tv.

It depends, you will to change the settings to suit you. You can;t use the same settings, because different people have different TVs and people's perception are different, so change the settings to suit you.

Many TV's come with a "Gaming" setting - try fumbling around a bit until you find the place where you can change the setting from "Normal/Movie/Gaming/etc"

The gaming setting your talking about means nothing you still have to tweak it to your liking, if you have the same TV as me the LG 32 inch plasma i can you my settings if you want it took me a few days of playing around to get it spot on.

Well obviously everyone will want to tweak things to there liking, but I was mearly suggesting the gaming setting could be a good foothold for the OP to start off with.

Keep in mind that the picture settings will most likely need changing on some games anyway!  You may "optimise" your picture settings for the game you're playing but it may look awful in another.  You could always save a couple of custom setting profiles and just switch between them to see which suits what games the best.

Thats bull mercian, there is in game settings for that, often the customize so you can barely see the said object.