HDTV resolution settings problem

I just got a 32 inch 720p lcd and its my first hdtv so I'm pretty clueless to this, Under the resolution settings If I use choose the optimal resolution settings it puts on 1080p when its only a 720p.

Also I've heard your suppose to use your native resolution to your tv and I would assume it would be 1024 x 768, when I have that setting on I do get a clearer picture however its bordered on the left and right screen.

It gives me the options of choosing
Optimal Resolution
1024 x 768

720p and 1080p seem to give me the same picture would I best off just putting it on 720p


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Just choose 720p, since the 360's auto leaves a bit to be desired. The 360 may have selected 1080p because your TV probably accepts a 1080p signal, but downscales it to 720p. Since most 360 games run at 720p, that is your best option. Leaving it at 1080p means the games will have to be upscaled from 720p to 1080p, only to be scaled back down to 720p by the display. Doing that can only cause harm, to the picture quality.