HDMI to USB 2.0 converter or cord?

hey i had a question and wanted to see if anyone can help me out. my bro hooked up his xbox 360 (FIRST GENERATION) to the flat screen i let him use. the first gen doesnt have a hdmi hook up in the back and we were wondering exactly what (if anything) we could buy to possibly do a hdmi/usb conversion. i have looked online and seen a couple of adapters, cords, & converters but dont know what exactly to buy. if anyone has some more insight in this area it would be greatly appreciated.



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Check and see if the display has component video input or VGA input. Both of these will let you use a 360 AV cable to get the best possible picture on a 360 without HDMI output. They will also let you select HD resolutions if the display supports it. So a component or VGA cable is your best option for a 360 console without a HDMI output. It's possible to find Component or VGA to HDMI converters, but are normally pretty expensive and will further reduce video quality.


USB to DVI\VGA\HDMI adapters are meant for PCs or Laptops to add an extra video output. They need drivers on the PC to drive them and make function and wouldn't work with the 360. Same reason you can't just use any PC headset that uses a USB connection on the 360. It wouldn't recognize it and without the drivers would have no idea what to do with it.

Anytime you go with a converter you are going to lose power. If you can use a straight cord. Plus with a converter it will be slower and the rendering will be blurry.

first gen box your stuck at component or composite. most usb/hmdi adapters are for capture/input not output.