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How's it going? I seem to be having some trouble with my HDMI cable and sound through my stereo system. I like to consider myself somewhat knowledgable, but this has me stumped. So, what's happening is whenever I use HDMI with my Xbox and my Blu-Ray player, there is a crackling sound that happens when the movie/game has sound that is meant to be loud. I tried turning down the volume on my system, but there was still a crackling noise even with it turned down. I switched out HDMI cables and tried the other HDMI port to see if one was faulty. I can't for the life of me figure it out, because my DirecTV box is plugged in with a HDMI cable as well and that doesn't produce any of the crackling sound. I tried switching cables, but it didn't make a difference. If any of you have encountered this issue before and know how to fix it, it would be greatly appreciated. Some information that may be useful is that I have a 32" Dynex HDTV with a Sony stereo unit and a hodgepodge of speakers that are not Sony. Blu-Ray player is Sony and of course the Xbox. Thanks for the help.

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I have been having some problems with HDMI sound myself. My suggestion is that you use the Left audio and Right audio cords and plug them into speakers outside of your TV. Maybe go buy some cheap speakers that accept those two inputs and plug it in, if this does not work, try using the A/V cords instead of the HDMI. Be sure the switch the TV swith from TV to HDTV. If you would still like to use HDMI, maybe there is a problem with the male or female ports of the TV, Xbox, Blu-Ray player, or the HDMI cord itself. I hope this helped.

Thanks for the response. Looks like that's what I am going to do. Might just have to stick with the component cables for a little bit. Or I might just have to look at possibly upgrading my setup...I'm looking at you Best Buy!

I just think it is weird because the DirecTV box still works perfectly, but it is the HDMI cable that came with the box so it may just have better compatibility with the box and TV.

If I figure anything out, I'll be sure to let you know in hopes that it fixes your problem as well.

Try using a different HDMI cable. Maybe try to use TOSLINK Optical cord for the sound. That may work. Your TV should have that input. You're plugging the Xbox directly into the TV, right?

Sounds like either your Speakers &/or AVR are stuffed, from having them up to loud...

Does the Speakers Ohm rating (Ω) match the Amplifier..??? (6Ω - 6Ω or 8Ω - 8Ω etc..)

You should Never attach speakers of a lower Ω rating of the Amplifiers Ω rating, as you WILL Blow or Burn-out both your amp & Speakers + you can cause the amplifier to overheat & catch fire... (6Ω [A] - 4Ω [S])

It is viable to use 8Ω Speakers on a 6Ω Amplifier though, as the Speakers can tolerate the Lower Amplifier Resistance without damage.. (6Ω - 8Ω) (But NOT Recommended, as the speakers are underpowered & some speakers can be sensitive to a different Ω rating etc..)