HDMI problem

I need a help.
I got an X360 Elite and TV/Monitor Samsung T200 HD and I never had any problem and I was playing great untill yesterday.

I turned on my console and when I switched a channel on HDMI It's says "No signal"  (and entire screen is blue) and even I've tried to moving a cable by hands hoping that signal will show up with no lucky, the signal is off constantly and I've tried with come AV cable and It's working fine ( I mean the picture is much worse then over HDMI cable which is logical but console works normaly) so I thought the problem is in cable and today I've gone to store and I've checked the cable and they told me that cable works fine and everything is all right with cable.
Also I've tried with both HDMI inputs on my TV (HDMI 1 and HDMI 2) but still the same story :(

Any suggestions...............please help me

Thanks ;)


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It sounds like the only thing you haven't tried is hooking that Xbox up to a different display (via HDMI). Since you know the cable is good, if it doesn't work on a different TV, the HDMI port on your Xbox is bad. If it does work, the HDMI inputs on your TV are the problem. Just keep switching components to eliminate the problem. Sometimes it's just a communication issue betwen components. Try turning the TV off & back on while the Xbox stays on. That may restore communication.

I've checked an another HDMI cable and It's the same story , also I've checked both HDMI output on my TV /MOnitor and It doesn't work so I can say that I'm 90% sure that HDMI output of console is a problem

So what do U think what would be better and simpler solution for me , to get one VGA HD cable and continue to play or to bring my console to service ?

First I would try this. That should reset your picture options. If you accidentally picked a color format that is incompatible with your TV this could cause the issue. Your TV might have even told the 360 incorrect settings through display discovery EDID. Also have you tried any other device with your TV using the HDMI connection? Like OG Pooh said you should determine for certain if the problem is the 360 or the TVs HDMI functionality. If you are still under warranty then repair is a good idea, but if your out of warranty the $100 repair for a refurbished console really isn't worth it. Would be better to save and or sell your current console and get a new slim if you can. Also a VGA cable will provide a decent picture, but never as good as HDMI. If the consoles having issues it might not be long before the other AV output options stop working as well.