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I am really pumped about the HDMI passthrough capabilities, but I have a question. What kind of latency will come with it? I realize for those running a cable box through it wouldnt have an issues as its TV. I plan on running my PC to my Xbox One to my Monitor. I guess the first question would be is this possible? I would like to be able to use my PC (my current gaming rig) to continue to do school work and play MMOs and the like while still receiving Xbox notifications.

The concern with latency is that when im playing a game through my PC (remember the data is traveling through the xbox then to my monitor) will I get imput lag from my mouse/keyboard? If so I might just have to rethink my setup. Either way I am excited to get my Xbox come Thursday night!


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I don't think it wouldn't be anything noticeable. I think it will be fine.

Awesome! So I should be able to run my PC through like I was thinking?

The latency is significant.  Enough for me to stop using my XB360 through it.  I noticed that there was about a 1/4 second or so lag between my controller input and the action on the screen.  Even with live TV running through it from my DirecTV box there is lag occasionally.

I hope this gets resolved fairly quickly, perhaps in time with an update.

Hi BigWhiskey91,

I can confirm that the HDMI input has approx 170 milli-seconds of latency.  On top of a typical display lag, you're looking at over 200ms of overall latency.

I have my xbox 360 going through it now and it's un-playable.

FYI ... Method of measurement : I modified an xbox 360 controller with a light sensor and created an xna app that measures display lag by flashing the display and waiting for a response from the modified controller.

Xbox one is great ... but stick with passive content on the hdmi input.

Right now I have my ps4 running through the one and don't notice any lag or other issues

You kidding? There is huge chunk of latency, DigitalFoundry measured 150-170ms delay. That's huge. I don't believe you don't notice any latency. I tried hooking both 360 and PS4 through HDMI in and I noticed how bad delay was straight away.

Yes but 200ms lag is only going to be an issue for online play - should be fine for campaign (on X360, PS4 and PC).   Try it I guess - different people different strokes, right?

wouldn't be recommended for hard-core gaming however for casual games it should work however overall no recommended

@ JackBraun ZA =Well done for replying to a 2.5 year old dead thread.