HDMI pass through

I have been reading that u have to down grade your tv signal to 720p. Is this true? I also read that your pic quality suffers. If so this is a deal breaker for me and I will send it back. I already have the system but haven't opened the box if this is so.

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Nope outputs 1080 p on my tv.

But did u have to down grade your signal going in?

No my directv box controls what signal it is recieving and sends it through the xbox. Not all broadcasts are in 1080p.

Why would you send your Xbox One back?

There is no requirement to run your TV through it. Mines not simply because I don't want the Xbox on while the TV is on.

Mine shows 1080p on both ends no need to downgrade to 720p.

why does hdmi pass through work in my bedroom with a samsung smart tv and standard virgin media box but not in living room with samsung plasma hd ready tv and virgin v+ box

also should i not be able to have v+ box connect to tv thru a scart cable and have hdmi go into xbox so the miss doesn't need the xbox on to watch tv. also i like the fact that when it worked in the bed room i could have football snapped and go to full screen for replays = goals then snap back to game with football to the side

update on previous comments. so swapped living room tv 50" plasma hd ready for 32" smart tv from bed room, this has fixed hdmi pass through, seems to be a problem with hdmi ports on plasma tv, and also netflix has started working flawlessly. with plasma i kept getting message, we're having trouble playing this title right now,please try another title or try again later, nothing worked. 100% sorted xbox all the way

I wish I had a V+ box... but back on topic...

V+ box are they not old, i thought it was all TiVo now