HDMI not working for Xbox 360 in my bedroom?

So I have a really strange problem with my Xbox 360 elite as it won't work with hdmi in my room.. I have tried using HDMI in my living room and it works fine but when i tried to use HDMI to my tv in my bedroom, there was no picture. I know the HDMI cablee works as I have a virgin media box right next to my xbox which it is plugged into and it shows tv fine, but when it's in my xbox it doesn't work. However I don't think it is the HDMI port on my xbox as like i said, it worked downstairs on one.. anyone have any ideas? I'm currently running on HD AV cables which i got the cheap versions of off Ebay and running quality at 1080i..

and yes I have it on the right channel, My tv has 2 HDMI ports and the HDMI cable is in port 1, i'll move my HDMI from my virgin media box to my xbox, put it on 'HDMI 1' and it's just a black screen. Also I have just removed the HD AV cables from the back, plugged in the HDMI but still nothing..


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Hey there H2K, I suggest that you take a look at This Announcement thread for solutions on your issue. If the problem persists after trying the solutions, please copy over this thread to the "Using my console" support forum. This forum can be found Here. Hope this helps =) Regards, SamxBroski