HDMI Help Please

Sorry if this is in the wrong section.

My 360 has always been connected through HDMI lead to my television, but all of a sudden i'm getting no picture whatsoever.

I put my 360 on an hour ago to watch some of my television programmes from my external hdd, everything loaded up fine. But i did notice the picture wasn't as crisp as it usually is an also noticed there wasn't any sound.

So i thought the lead must be out a little so took it out of the back of the television an re-inserted it then did the same with the 360. Now i have no picture or sound just a black screen.

I tried changing the HDMI wire with my Sky+HD wire same result, i tried the first HDMI lead in the Sky+HD box that worked fine, so it's not the leads in my opinion.

The 360 works with the old AV cable but i can't select hdtv settings in system/settings as they are greyed out so i'm stumped at what to do.

Any help/advice would be great.


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Anyone ?

I hope that your Xbox and TV were not on when you in this process.

I did unfortunately, so will that mean my HDMI port on the 360 is bust or....?

I've tried the display reset by holding Y an right trigger but it doesn't seem to be working as the 360 doesnt restart an i've tried it numerous times.

maybe shut it off and unplug it until the power light on the power brick goes out.

That is not good. You may have fried your HDMI port on Xbox or T.V.

No thats definitely software error and you're not the first to experience it. Some other threads in this forum have indicated this problem where only Standard Definition is possible even when NOT using the HDMI port. Talk to Xbox customer support about and hopefully you get to tech level 2 or 3 support because level 1 is outsourced Hindu operators who don't know crap about the actual problems.

I tried Xbox support an was told to try 3 or 4 different HDMI cables i have. Then for me to try Y & right trigger which also failed as my pad takes a while to sync to my Xbox so trying this process is slow an cant be done before the Xbox loads. I was told by customer support that i can send my Xbox away to be looked for a special online price of £43.01 which i was shocked an also considering my Xbox had just ran out of warrenty 3 months ago (typical). So still unsure what to do....

Go to your memory settings in the Settings menu of your Xbox 360 and highlight your hard drive.


Then press    X,LB,RB,X,LB,RB,X   in that order. It will confirm that you want to rollback to the previous system update. It only will take you back about 3 months since the last update so don't worry it won't change anything severe. It will ask you to update again when you sign into LIVE so do this as normal. See if your problem persists after this.

Thanks for the reply, tried this method an still have the same result unfortunately.

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