HDMI --> HDMI + Optical out

This is probably a stupid question, but is there any way to get an optical signal from an HDMI cable. - I would like to run an HDMI cable to a converter of some sort and run an optical cable to my headphones while still having an HDMI run to my monitor. - I have the solution for my Xbox, I need this for my PC. . Thanks for any help in advance.

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No. The only way you can get one is if your PC has an output for it like mine does. You would need a new motherboard for your PC if you wanted to do that.

That's what I was afraid of.  

Thanks for the reply.

Cheaper alternative is a sound card with an optical out port. More expensive option would be a receiver that has HDMI in and out along with an optical out. Don't need a new motherboard. Soundcard internal PCI or PCIe or external with an optical out are between $30-80 and receivers with HDMI and optical out are I want to say around $200 for the low end, but an investment if you want to get a full surround speaker system to go with it.


Have two sound cards in my PC and the motherboard has on board so I have three optical outs and two in.