HDMI Connection question.

Okay so I will be buidling a new PC this week, the new monitors I'm getting have HDMI inputs.  I was wondering, if I connect my 360 to my PC monitor via HDMI, will just that connection allow the audio to come through my PC speakers?  I mean I know HDMI transmits both audio and video just not sure if it needs to be plugged into a specific peripheral, i.e. the graphics card, for it to register the sound?


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Unless your monitor has integrated speakers, then plugging HDMI into your monitor will not give you audio.  

you need to get the AV audio out adapter that came in the older Elites that came with a HDMI cable or you can get them seperately (try ebay). once you have it, you plug it into the AV jack on the 360, then you get a 'Y' cable that has male RCA plugs on one end and a 1/8" 'headphone' jack on the other.  plug the plugs into the audio adapter on one end, and the other goes into the INPUT or LINE IN jack on the back of your PC, good luck!