HDMI Cable wont let my xbox controller connet to xbox

I started having troubles with my controller connecting to xbox. This usally happen after the controller shuts down while watching netflix or leave the room to do something. When i try to reconnect the controller just flashes and the console show no player position assigned. Try to reconnecting the controller by the little nip above the battery pack and the switch on the xbox to sync. The go through the flashing that they have sync'd, but the controller still flashes and xbox still doesn't assign the controller to player position. power down the xbox and wait the standard 20 sec's and still no avail. The batteries are fully charged, and also does this with the charging cable.

After some searching on the internet (not here) multiple sources cite the HDMI cable was the problem. Using the standard A/V the problem went away. Switching back to HDMI the problem returned after 5 seperate tries.

I would like to use my HDMI cord for the higher resolution in games instead of the A/V's. Game's like COD and such it really makes a difference in gameplay.

Is there any fix for this? please help.


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