HDMI Auto Switch Problem... any advice appreciated

Hi guys tried doing some research online and just wondered if anyone has found an answer to my question.

I know it might be a bit of a specialized question but there's no harm in trying...

My TV is wall mounted on the wall, its a pretty new Sony tv. All my sky boxes, xboxs etc are in a separate cupboard hidden away with 1 HDMI cable buried in the wall. 

I connect my Sky box & Xbox one though a 4 port HDMI auto switch (neet 5port auto switch) then the HDMI out from the switch goes to the TV.

When the xbox is not on instant on mode, everything switch's perfectly, soon as the xbox turnes off it switches back to sky tv.

My problem comes when i put the xbox onto instant on mode (because im sick of waiting for lengthy updates for games)

If i turn the xbox off when its on instant on mode, it doesn't auto switch back to sky. I know it doesn't sound much of a problem, but me and the little lad love playing the xbox and the mrs loves sky tv, and shes not that technical and its better when everything just works.

Ive spoken to neet, and they say there's no problem with the auto switcher,

Just wondering if anyone is having the same problem, or if anyone can offer some advice?

Thanks in advance, 



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Im going to guess that there must still be some sort of signal going through the HDMI port and so preventing the auto switch from working,  just a guess though.  

I dont think there anything you can do if the xbox is still giving a signal to the auto switcher when on instant on. Only options as you mention would be to use power save mode or maybe get a 5 input auto switcher with a remote that way you could leave it on instant on and only have to use the remote when your finished with the xbox, to switch back to sky etc

I'm thinking along the same lines as Genchy. Might be a way to prove this theory, but only if your TV displays a "No Signal" message if it is left on without an input signal of any kind... My TV does this and I'd imagine many others do.

If your TV does in fact display a 'No signal' message when there is nothing turned on but the TV and it's getting no signal, then all you have to do is the following.

Once you've verified that all devices are off and your TV has no signal, put your Xbox in Energy Saver mode and turn it off, while leaving your TV turned on. You should see the 'No Signal' display.

After that, turn on your Xbox (and only your Xbox), put it in Instant On mode and then turn it off again. If the Xbox does put out some kind of signal (even if it's just a blank), then you'll just see a blank screen with no indicator.

If this is the case, then I doubt there is much you can do to resolve it, unless you have a remote you can use with the switch. But at least you'd know for sure.

Thanks for the replys guys. I am currently trying to hunt out the remote for the switch I think that's the only way round it at the minute. Thanks blue for th me details I will give it a try just to prove it!

Appreciate all the input thanks again!

I had the same problem with my switch box at launch.  what I wound up doing is:  Since my Reciever has 4 hdmi ports, I put the xbox one directly into one of the receiver hdmi's.  I hooked my hdmi switch box up to hdmi 4 on the receiver and hooked up my ps4, ps3, and wii u to the auto switch.  8 hdmi ports is enough for me (barely).