HDMI and HD adaptor with Turtle Beach Headphones problem

I have my xbox connect via HDMI to my tv and has worked well until purchasing some X11 Turtle Beach headphones

The problem being that to get sound from my xbox I needed to buy the HD adaptor so I could plug in the two audio cables from the headphones into it, which sits just over the HDMI slot

Now when I power up the xbox it does not sense that the TV is connected and just sits there not powering up to the welcome screen

The only way I can get the xbox to load is to switch the HDMI inputs on the tv remote control a few times (from HDMI input one to two and back again)

This seems to send a signal to the xbox saying it is now active and then boots up merrily

When I disconnect the HD adaptor, the xbox loads straight away

Seems as though the adaptor is confusing the xbox as to which port to output to

It has been suggested that I change the output from HDMI, but as the picture is really good, I am loathe to change it

Anyone any ideas, maybe a setting on the xbox itself


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Get a Audio Adapter not a Composite cable...

Yeah, they make a specific audio adapter for this available at GS for $20.00 or for cheap on Ebay / Amazon.

If you have an older (May, 2010 or earlier) Xbox 360 model (grey and white, Elite, COD/MW2 Edition, etc.) and you have an Ear Force X1, X11, X3, X31 headset, to connect through HDMI you need to follow the instructions below: 

Older Xbox 360 units came with a "composite AV" cable, with the red/white analog RCA plugs for audio and a yellow RCA plug for composite video. If this is the case with your Xbox 360 setup, you'll need to obtain the Xbox 360 HDMI Audio Adapter (pictured below) to use your Ear Force X-series headset with your HDMI-compatible TV.

Xbox HDMI Audio Cable. Audio connections below are (left to right):
*       Toslink (square, black plastic port)
*       Analog Audio Output, Right (red RCA jack)
*       Analog Audio Output, Left (white RCA jack)

Since with the newer Xbox 360 units the "Xbox HDMI Audio Adapter" is no longer needed, it has been discontinued, but you can still find it from a number of vendors. We've seen them for less than $20 USD.



Good luck trying to find the HDMI Audio cable.

Thanks for the tips guys but the HD adaptor I referred to is the one with the 2 rca plug sockets and the optical out.

When it is plugged in along with the HDMI cable that goes to the tv, it seems like the TV or xbox does not detect it being connected to anything else.

The only way I can get the XBOX to load is to switch the HDMI source on the tv a couple of times which then kickstarts the xbox. I do not want to use component cables and my tv does not have any audio out ports apart from the headphone socket.

I will probably be upgrading to the Tritton AX Pros or AX 720 later this year so want to keep the optical out option from the XBOX

[quote user="ChickinOnaChain"]

HDMI Audio Cable @ Amazon




Thats the one I have

I have TB X1 headphones and I have and HDMI cable and they way I have it set up I can use the HDMI cable AND the original composite cable that comes with the xbox. All I did was take the gray casing off the the AV plug and connected my HDMI cable as well. There are videos on how to do it on youtube if you need help. [View:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ZT8dNnCJLk&feature=related]

On a lot of the third party cheap audio adapters they have been known to not be wired correctly. I found this out when I got a cheap Ebay adapter. With the adapter plugged in the 360 did not want to output HDMI. Looked online for the right wiring schematic and a tutorial on how to open it up. Ten minutes later with a soldering iron just moving one wire to a different pin was all that was needed. Annoying but $45 cheaper than getting an official one. Ones by MadCatz or a more familiar retail brand are now the best option if you want a working part with no headaches.

Ended up buying a second hand original xbox adaptor. Worked a treat.

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