HDD upgrade, now laggy gameplay

I want to begin by apologizing to members and the forums moderators for posting this discussion in what I am certain is the incorrect forum section.

I am an Xbox 360 owner, the older model. I recently ran into a problem, but I am not certain of the cause. 

-I migrated my game saves to a genuine Xbox 120GB HDD and installed a lot of games. I also did an update not very long ago that make my dashboard startup take forever every time the Xbox is turned on. I encountered a performance issue when I played Fallout 3 for the first time since these changes- laggy behavior and frequent frame freezing/holding for almost a half second during gameplay, every few seconds or so. It acts the worst when I an in a building in the game, similar to an old computer with an oversized HDD that is very full and has to sift through a mountain of file indexing to find textures, props other dynamic game related data.

Has anyone experience this problem? Thank you in advance, and happy gaming.


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Are you playing the game straight off the disk, or is it installed on your HDD?

It is installed on the HDD.

I am debating if it's the HDD read speed or if an update complicated something along the line. That last update made it very slow to startup when the 360 is first turned on, even with the smaller 20GB HDD.

It's always worth trying to clear your cache (even though its a new HDD). Here's a link to the support page that shows you how to do it. support.xbox.com/.../clear-system-cache

I cleared my cache when the Xbox was having lengthy startups with my older 20GB HDD, and it didn't change anything. I will try it again tomorrow. If it doesn't improve, I am going to delete some installed games and just keep the game progress saves, and see if that makes any difference. I am just getting quite tired of consoles and the issues I've had over the past year. I really missed how this machine worked when I first acquired it, before the updates, advertisements, dashboard revisions. No well throughout device should be this much trouble, but developers of more items today seem to be in the habit of using their customer base as test subjects to sort out the problem with a myriad of patches and having to by "V2.0" to get it right. Sigh.

How frustrating! Sorry I couldn't be of any more help.  Is it an official Microsoft HDD that you installed? I've heard that there are some dodgy knock-offs on ebay and the like that don't work too well.  

If you still can't get it sorted tomorrow, @xboxsupport on Twitter are always worth messaging, they can be very helpful.

Good luck!


I have also read that knock off hard drives behave that way, too. This appears to be a genuine Microsoft Xbox 360 120GB HDD that I bought from a gaming retailer.

A couple days ago, I reinstalled the old 20GB HDD (I backup all my gameplay saves every 6 months to it), and to my surprise, my Xbox 360 became very fast and smooth. When I reinstalled the newer 120GB hard drive, once again it reverted to reduced performance.