HD viewing bar gone on the xbox one

alright so do you guys remember on the xbox  360 how when you were watching Netflix, hulu , espn etc that when the picture is loading up there is an HD view bar almost like the bars you see on your wireless network but it tells you when your receiving and HD picture? well this feature is painfully gone I just would like to know when I am getting a HD picture because I have moved things around in my house and I just trying to put my xbox in a place with a good signal but im stuck trying to stare a the picture trying to determing if that is and HD picture or not lol its really painful lol straining the mess out my eyes is there a way to do this that im missing? if not could you please bring this feature back sometimes I feel like the quality of Netflix on the 360 is better the xbox one maybe im wrong but that feature would really put my mind at easy from thinking am I even watching in HD.

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Try the steps in the link below to see if it improves anything, after checking it all you know it will be the best setup for your equipment:


yes I know how to do all this I just wanted to know how  to know when your streaming media from neflix hulu etc when the picture is being received in HD as it did on the xbox 360 because I am using wireless and just would like to know when I am getting a strong enough signal for streaming to broadcast in HD. its like the wirless signal bar you have on your laptop but at the in It would have HD and it would highlight white when your picture was HD.

Yeah..I miss that bar too!!