hd help please!

ok im hoping someone can help me out here. i had a newer tv where a standard hdmi cable would work fine. my dad gave me his older tv becuase it was bigger however it does not take the newer hdmi cables. it is still an hdtv however it has component instead of hdmi i think? i know the original xbox cables would work for this but apparently nobody has them anymore. is there another alternative?


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Component was the standard before HDMI (and DVI). A set of 360 component cables should be very easy to find.

As OG said, older model HD TVs supported Component cables for HD and not HDMI.  You can buy them at pretty much any known local electronics store and can definitely find them online at ebay or retailers sites.   Look around as you should be able to get them pretty cheap.

alright i just picked a pair up and they work thank you guys very much