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Hiya guys. I've just brought a new tv and will soon be buying an xbox. Which HD cables do you suggest to be the best, to hook up the xbox to the tv? Any help or suggestions would be great! :D



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HDMI is the best and most simple.

Just use the Component cable that comes with the system. You most likely wont notice any difference between that and HDMI anyway.

Thanks for the replies guys. I've heard there is a notciable difference between HDMI connection and the component cable. I don't know whether this is true however. I see the new consoles don't ship with the component cable, but the standard definition cable...

Here for example: www.zavvi.com/.../10208131.html

Doesn't say anything about a component cable.

Go with HDMI. It is superior to component. Component cables are analog, meaning the signal will have to go through digital to analog conversion, then be converted back to digital. This opens the door for reduced picture quality. It also means more connections (3 for video plus whatever you need for your particular audio Vs 1 total). Component cables also need to be of very high quality (AKA: expensive) to rival HDMI in any way. With HDMI, you can get an inexpensive cable and it will function just as well as an expensive one. There is really no reason to consider anything except HDMI, unless your TV doesn't support it.