HCPD problem

Ok so recently when I bought the first blue-ray disc for the One I got the"HDCP not supported by this port" message.  Just swapping it to another port solved.  So I talk to a few people and I have gotten really two different ideas on this problem:  (1) "HDCP is supported by all tvs that have HDMI ports...your problem is the console itself" and (2) "HDCP is a protocol that is not automatically supported just because a tv has a HDMI jack"....you will have a to find one that does".

So in light of (2) I bought one just made in the last year...and guess what...same problem.  However, now I can just restart the dvd player app and it seems to cure without swapping ports.  So who is right here?


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HDCP is always up to the TV to support it.