Having trouble with kinect and party vhat and also skype.

First off party chat never works with my friends it does barely i dont know if anyone else is having the same problem. Also my kinect keeps telling me its unplugged it goes on and off all day again idk if anyone else is having this problem to. and i think they ruined skype when u minimize it ur chat volume goes way down i dont know wrf xbox is doig here they never had so many issues with there online service im not a sony fan at all but come on xbox get your *** together. plz reply if u heard anything about this or your having same issues. i dont wanna have to send my hole xbox back again :-(


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These are bugs relating to the Early Access program and need to be reported there. As far as Skype volume going down when you minimize the window, stop. As that is a feature that was implemented with update 1405