Having trouble getting the new Xbox 360 Media Remote to work with my Xbox 360 console.

I had just purchased the Xbox 360 Media Remote earlier today.  As the title states, I am having trouble getting the remote to respond to my Xbox 360 console. I have it synced to my JVC  boxform flatscreen television; and it works great with it--which I am happy about--but not with my console. It couldn't be that I have the white and red (audio) cables plugged into my Turtlebeach piggyback plug be the problem? And the I'm sure it's not that I'm using the component cable for the video, could it? Please help.


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The A/V Cable Set-up does not matter what I would do is sync it with you Xbox 360 console first, and when using it point it directly at the Xbox 360 console as it's infra-red is not as good as the Xbox 360 game controllers.

To sync the remote press the sync button on the Xbox 360 console, then press the Xbox button on the media remote.

If this is the first time you've had/used an Xbox 360 Media Remote, you have to go to System Settings > Remote Control and change the setting from either "Windows Media Center" or "Both" (depending on which version of the Xbox Console you have) to "Xbox Remote".  For some reason, the default setting is the WRONG one.  That's most likely what's causing your remote to not work.

If you ALREADY have it set to "Xbox Remote" and it still doesn't work, you may have a defective remote if it's an official Microsoft Xbox 360 Media Remote.

If it's a 3rd Party remote, made by a different brand, in all likelihood you've wasted your money on a remote that doesn't actually work for the Xbox 360.  The only 3rd party remote I recommend and will vouch for is a very hard to find European model, the Snakebyte Media Remote.  It's the only one that gets good reviews.  When I wanted a black Xbox 360 Media Remote with Backlit Keys, I tracked one down on eBay, and I can personally attest that it works every bit as well as the official Microsoft remotes.  But good luck finding one, they are very scarce right now.  I consider myself very lucky to have managed to track one down. ^_^

Update to my last post:

If you have the current version of the Xbox 360 Dashboard, follow this command path -- System Settings > Console Settings > Remote Control

You will see 2 options listed: "Both Remotes" (allows you to use either the Xbox 360 Media Remote or a Windows Media Center Remote) and "Xbox 360 Media Remote" (sets the system to accept input from only an Official Xbox 360 Media Remote, or an Officially Licensed 3rd party equivalent.)  Make sure your system is set to "Xbox 360 Media Remote" then exit out of the System Settings menus and try the remote again. 

I hope that helps. :-)