Having some major Xbox One problems

Ok, here I go...

On Christmas eve I received my Xbox One that MS gave to me free of charge. This machine worked perfectly until last Thursday when it suddenly refused to turn on. Contacted support did some tests, got a replacement machine. This machine arrived on Tuesday, but I haven't been able to use it properly. Now on my third troubleshoot that Support suggested I try, but not very hopeful.

The replacement either won't play my games, or if it does, they either get to the loading screen and crash or crash during play. The only two games I have tried so far are Forza 5 (digital download) and Dead Rising 3 (on Blu-ray). Console is not running hot and is in a well ventilated area.

At first I had a problem syncing my games with the cloud. The console would lock up. When I finally got it to sync, I had no save files for Forza V. I played anyway and on three occasions the game has crashed. The first time this happened, the textures for the road disappeared, which made it look like the car was floating. I pressed the Xbox button on the pad and the console froze. I had to hold down the power button to turn off the machine. Tried the game again only for the game to crash again about 1hr into play at the start of a race. The console froze with the audio playing in a loop.

Tried playing Dead Rising 3 only for the game to crash on the loading screen. Once again this locked up the console. Tried the game twice more with the same result.

Called support and was asked to uninstall both games. Remove my Gamertag. Disconnect from wireless connection. Install DR3 while offline. Connect with a wired connection, sign back in with Gamertag, run DR3 and install update then try running game. Well I tried all that and the game got stuck again, this time after pressing A to start game. It didn’t even try to sync. Once again console totally locked up.

As of writing this, I’ve done a factory restore of the console. I’m now attempting to try DR3 again once the update has downloaded.

I will post back my findings, but I won’t be best pleased if I have to send this replacement machine back too! What the heck has gone wrong?? 



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