Having problems with a month old Slim

As the title says, I'm think my new Slim is playing up.


Here's the scenario.....


I play on a Samsung Series 5 through a HDMI cable and you can't switch over to other HDMI channels unless the device connected is turned on. Therefore, I have to turn my Xbox on whilst watching TV (HDMI1) then switch to HDMI2 to play on my Xbox, but because I have my Turtlebeaches plugged into my Xbox (via a bridge adaptor) the damn Xbox reboots itself when I change channels.


Now it always did this on my Elite, but it used to go straight to the dashboard and everything was fine. Not anymore....


Now my Slim refuses to get past the Xbox360 logo on the white background. Point blank refuses. So I have to turn off my Xbox, by standing up and walking (!), then turn it back on...and it turns on fine. Very, very annoying and definately not right.


It has become worse during the past couple of days. After I have played a game and exited back to the dashboard, something inside my Xbox goes into overdrive trying to recognise what disc is in the tray. Also, the game inside does not show up on the 'my xbox' section of the dashboard either.


I can't play an XBLA game after playing a 'proper' game either. Because something inside is chugging away like mad trying to recognise a disc (and it does this indefinately), if I try to play an arcade game I'm just left with a black screen. Vice-versa too - if I try and play a proper game after an arcade game I get the black screen too. Totally and utterly ridiculous.


The worst thing is I'm stuck with it! I can't take it back to the shop because they'll test it and it'll work fine, nor do I want to send it to M$ because it'll take at least 7 days and come back with a blank harddrive. Part of me wants it to RROD so I can get a brand new Slim, but part of me doesn't want to lose the hours I've put into games like Lost Oddysey.


I really wish I'd just stayed with my trusty Elite, but I was bullied into getting this damn thing by the missus as it was 'a really good offer'!!!!!


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Well if you are saying it happens after you are playing a 'proper' game then surely it will do the same in the shop?

What TBs have you got, can you connect with a toshlink connector?  Will this change anything?

I guess it would, could and should do the same in the shop, but I bought it from Tesco Entertainment therefore I'd have to take it to a Tesco and could you imagine trying to explain the problem to a middle aged a woman! All she would see is the Xbox turning on, she'd call a manager and the manager would suggest sending it to Micro$oft - I could do that myself.


I use Tb X11's through a bridge adaptor which has the extended scart end, the red and white wires then plug into this and the usb in to the Xbox itself. I've never heard of a toshlink connector, but I'm used to my Xbox restarting when I change channels - its annoying that I can't pause a game, then turn over to have a watch of something without the Xbox restarting - but I'm used to that now. I don't like the fact my new Slim refuses load past the 360 logo first time of asking.

If you do have to send it to Microsoft you do know you should remove the hdd? You'll keep your saves etc. that way.

Well when the console is turned on one of the things it does on boot up is try to see if its connected to the internet so it can sign you into LIVE automatically, if there is no internet connection, this can deem to delay getting to the dashboard. If you are unable to get passed the XBox Logo banner then it sounds like something is wrong with the boot up sequence in al honestly and as its only a month old I would return it to the store saying why and let them deal with getting it fixed with MS whilst you carry on with a new console. Do you have the same problems if you dont use the headset your using?

Agree with above, since its only a month old its way in warrenty so take it back and get a new one.

Firstly, I didn't know you could remove the HDD on a Slim like you could on earlier 360's!!! If thats the case then excellent.


Secondly, yeah I always have my Xbox connected to the Virgin Superhub and it is worrying when I can't get past the logo.


BUT....I disconnected my Tb's and obviously when I turned over the Xbox didn't reboot, but it was on the dashboard. Therefore changing channels whilst having my Tb's connected must be doing something bad if I keep getting stuck on the logo. Never did this with my Eite though.


When I exited the 'proper' game which happened to be Forza 4 (installed, may I add), I had the problem of the disc drive failing to recognise what game was inside my Xbox. I've just been playing CoD4 which wasn't installed and when I exited to the dash it instantly recognised it as CoD4. I shall install it later and see if it has the same effect Forza 4 did.


Cheers for the input and advice all. :-)