have i been hacked???

i have been using xbox live for 4 months now and have unfortunatly descovered that it is overloaded with infections and hacking when i play modern warefare1 and  2.

i have reciently been hacked or so activision / infnity ward tell me and there info on the subject is "there is nothing me can do" !!!!!!!!!

as a result of this hacking my gamer score has been set back to zero and it is no longer possible to rank back up as there is now a counter beside the rank bar at the end of each game that is just counting up to infinity!!!

after speeking to half a dozen xbox reps and being told a different reason for this each time i am now informed that xbox has reset my gamer score to punish me for cheating!!!!

unbeleavable as i dont  myself know how to cheat and i refuse to continue playing members/cheaters with infection in the game

i can no longer play modern warefare 1 as i cant rank up making the game unplayeble on xbox live

have i been hacked as activision / infinity ward/state or punished by xbox for something i havent done???

can somebody help???

thanks Hyper Mac 28



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Let me see if I have this right. Your gamer score was reset to zero (even though it shows you have a gs still and no cheater tag). Your in game stats for MW1 have been reset. Correct?


The only time your gamer score would be reset on your profile is if you earned achievements in an unapproved manner. Wether it is through profile modification via PC or glitching on your console. If that is the case then you would need to post in the My Live Account was Suspended forum for official answers on why it was reset.


If your in game stats were altered through participation of an infected lobby then there is nothing you can do except create a new XBL account or have friends invite you into matches (if your stats are in the negative). Activision has already made it clear that they no longer support their older CoD titles and currently have no fixes for players affected by infected lobbies. I should tell you that people who host, advertise and/or participate in infected lobbies are subject to a permanent account ban. Don't worry the XBL PET can tell if you joined one by accident and left right away or not.


Currently MW2 Hardcore Modes are fine to play. I was on HTDM two days ago for several hours in several different matches and there were no mods/cheats being used by anyone. It was actually quite fun. Also, Black Ops is mod/cheat free. Those are just two alternatives to the mod infested MW1 and WaW.


Unless you gave out your personal information, including e-mail and password, then no you have not been 'hacked'.

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